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    I have just sent my sample back to Houston, from the UK.

    I understand that international shipping will depend on the country, so I don't complain that shipping is not included for customers outside N. America. However several earlier posts here have noted that there is no reduction in the price of the kit to overseas customers to make up for that service not being included, and I agree with them that this is not fair.

    A greater concern is that shipping the sample may not actually be permitted. Here's an extract from Royal Mail's list of permitted items (one column of four). You'll note that "Human samples" may not be sent internationally at all. Within the UK they can be sent to a recognised lab, but in some specified packaging, which probably doesn't include a vial within FTDNA's provided packaging: a plastic bag inside a jiffy bag. If you think I have chosen the wrong item, here's the full leaflet: What would be more appropriate category?

    Now I know I am not the first British person to return a sample, so I guess they are getting through OK, notwithstanding the regulations. I put "genealogical material" on my customs form, because "human sample" seemed to be asking for trouble. I'll see what happens.

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    I have sent two kits to ftdna lab from Costa Rica and i understand you. The first time, 3 years ago, was through fedex but i can't remember what i wrote in the item form. I paid like 80$.
    Some days ago i sent a vial using dhl and i told them it was a card but that i wanted to send it as a parcel. The dhl guy was rude and he told me that this card was weird because it feeled as a plastic or with something inside it. Anyway, the conclusion is for international we have to pay a lot and our shipping has more risks.


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      No problems in Finland. We just sents kits as a letter and it costs 1.95 euros (about 2.40 dollars). I use "saliva sample" as a category.


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        I did try sending sample thru vial and it was shipped thru fedex. I heard no complaints tho and the transaction went smoothly.