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Autosomal transfers question

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  • Autosomal transfers question

    i am steering a customer towards FTDNA by advising her to transfer her Ancestry atDNA results to FTDNA and unlock.
    This has been attempted twice, and so far, neither attempt has gone online at her kit page. She is dealing with FTDNA, who acknowledge receipt of the file and state that it sometimes takes 5 days and that their tech department is monitoring this problem. We are approaching a second five days of no result showing, and the Order History shows her initial upload from Jan 25, with no change to the date since that unsuccessful attempt, for which I suspect the user tried to send an unzipped file by mistake..
    Assuming that the correct file was sent (admittedly, I cannot verify that), has anyone else seen these kind of delays? I have never done it myself, and my co-admin walked another user through it with no delays or hitches a few months ago.
    Because she obviously has no experience with FTDNA kit pages and I have no experience with this type of transfer, having done only yDNA "manual" transfers, I find no "literature of experience" of this online.

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    are guides written by Roberta Estes.