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    Today 15 JAN 2021 I received an email from FTDNA stating they had merged with myDNA. The merger was announced on 07 JAN 2021.

    Wonderful to see that it take FTDNA 8 days to write and send out a simple email.

    No announcement was made here in the FTDNA Forum.

    Business as usual for FTDNA.

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    I agree, it took too long for them to notify the average customer. As a project administrator of a small family project, I received an email about it on January 8th. I thought they'd be sending it out to all customers shortly after that, but have only just received one late today as a customer, "A Letter To Our Valued Customers." I see nothing so far about the merger in the FTDNA Blog, either.

    Roberta Estes wrote about it on January 7th, in her blog post "myDNA Merges With FamilyTreeDNA and Gene by Gene." Other than on Facebook, I'm not sure if it has been discussed elsewhere online.

    Perhaps better communication will come with the new owner? We can hope so.


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      I wonder how long we'll have to wait before we hear from the new owner.


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        At least three other bloggers have posted about this merger with myDNA.
        • Debbie Kennett at her Cruwys News blog on Jan. 15th, "Merger of myDNA with FamilyTreeDNA and Gene by Gene." At the bottom of that post are links to these other two (plus the Roberta Estes Jan. 7th post I linked in my earlier post):
          • "Trust," on Jan. 11 by The DNA Geek (Leah Larkin), in which she also discusses the Terms of Service changes at
          • "DNA Winds of Change" on Jan. 10 by The Legal Genealogist, Judy G. Russell. She also covers the changes at GEDmatch.
        Here is myDNA's Privacy Policy.