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  • Delayed Big-Y DNA Results

    I ordered and paid for a Big-Y upgrade test for a distant Paternal Cousin. FTDNA started analyzing his sample on 15 JULY 2020. So six months have transpired and no results!
    Others have been posting similar stories. I call FTDNA and get "we cannot tell you what is happening in teh lab" answers. Over the years I have ordered and paid for scores of tests at FTDNA.
    NO MORE! All of my new clients will be directed to other test labs. What happened to to the service and credibility of FTDNA??

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    I have had better success when requesting information about a kit's test progress when I use the form on the Customer Support page. You will get a confirmation email that your support request was received, with a ticket number for future reference. In the past, I've received replies to my questions usually within two or three business days, and once even from a Big Y specialist. See if you get more information that way.

    In many cases, when a test such as Big-Y does not get results within a normal timeframe for processing (six to eight weeks, per this page), it is due to an insufficient sample. For the Big Y-700, the lab prefers a fresh sample, typically from a vial in storage if other tests have been done previously using an existing vial. An insufficient sample may mean that the remaining DNA sample was not enough quantity to do the test, or if enough quantity, that it didn't have enough usable DNA (quality).

    It is a fault of FTDNA's system that the lab cannot relay this type of failure to the customer once they know the sample is insufficient, so a new sample can be obtained (if possible). In my experience, instead it requires the customer having to contact FTDNA, after getting postponed expected completion dates multiple times, until the customer is fed up. Not a good way to convey competence, but then again, most tests do proceed uneventfully and the lab does a good job.
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      Originally posted by gfrevey View Post
      All of my new clients will be directed to other test labs. What happened to to the service and credibility of FTDNA??
      Good luck finding another lab with FTDNA's Y-DNA Data Base. If you can't look for matches why test?

      Six months is a ridiculous amount of time to have to wait for Big Y results. FTDNA needs to report to the kit holder each time a lab test fails. Reporting problems about test has never been a strong point for FTDNA, at least not for the 18+ years I have been dealing with them.

      One thing we don't know is the effect of COVID-19 on their lab personal.