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    I need an opinion on this situation. I only receive email notifications for "Close" matches. Today I had two notifications a couple hours apart on email. Also on the Dashboard there were two notifications. The first email that came in showed my new match a 2nd cousin but the second notification there was no new close match on my list. Is it possible the person changed their settings right after the match posted so that they don't take part in matching?

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    That is what I would assume.


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      I just got another email of a close match , also on my notices on my dashboard but there isn't another close match, just the first one from this morning.

      Okay, here's what I'm thinking could have happened. When the match came in this morning (I saw it) he went to his settings and changed them to not show matching. Then a few hours later he went in and changed it back....that generated another email to me. Then he changed his settings again to take off all matching....then went back and changed them again back to matching and that generated a third email to me
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