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Batch 1064 - more delays?

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  • Batch 1064 - more delays?

    BigY (in my surname project) ordered 13th feb 2020 as an upgrade to a Y111, and batched 1064. The results for this test keep on being pushed back further and further. Latest was expected to be 8th to 20th june and today I notice it has been pushed back again (22 jun to 6 july). What are the reasons for this? Is it a general batch problem or a single kit problem? Does it need a new sample? If so, do we need to request that? I know everything is a bit slower right now, but this one seems ridiculously so.

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    I would suggest you call customer service and ask them for a Big Y 700 specialist to look at it. I have been waiting since Dec 1, 2019 batch 1031 for the results for a cousin whose kit I administer. After three months (end of Feb) I was emailed that a new sample was needed because both of his swabs had failed quality control. They sent a new kit. Now the first swab of the 2nd sample kit has also failed and the lab is working on the 2nd swab from that kit. I'm not optimistic that it is going to pass either. The lab had FT send me another kit to go ahead and send to the cousin so he would have it in case this last swab fails. I'm not sure what my cousin is doing wrong. I live a 1000 miles from him so I'm not there to swab his cheeks myself. I've never had this happen before and I have administered thirteen kits over the years with dozens of tests although this is the first Y700. The cousin had swabbed his cheeks a year ago for the Family Finder test and the Y111 and there was no problem with those tests at all.


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      Make sure the person using the swabs follows the recommended instructions. Pay attention to the time after drinking or eating, how long to scrape, washing hands, etc. Also see the Notes section at the linked page for hints for those who have dentures, or dry mouth. It's probably best if the person swabs very well, and does it right after waking up.

      It may be that some people have seen television programs where DNA samples are taken, and the process is shown as a quick swab in the mouth. For FTDNA (or other direct to consumer DNA testing companies) swabbing requires quite a bit longer than depicted on TV, in order to get a really good sample.