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  • struggling with start up

    i am struggling to even download my gedcom file. i think i may need a hand, as i have had my Y results for some time, any suggestions of self help reading material out there ?

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    There are others who are more technically proficient than I am but I can give a little advice if you are using Ancestry. If you have a family tree on Ancestry (a gedcom) you download it first from your Ancestry account to your computer (you don't down load it to Family Tree). After you download it to your computer you then upload it to Family Tree. If you use other platforms ie Wiki, Family Tree Maker I'm not sure how those work.


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      ross reidy, are you talking about a GEDCOM (.ged file) for a tree you have in a genealogy software program you use at home, or a GEDCOM for a tree you've created at FamilyTreeDNA?

      If you want to download a .ged file for your existing tree at FTDNA (called "myFamilyTree"):
      1. Go to your tree by clicking on the link "myFamilyTree" in the top menu of your account's home page.
      2. Once on your myFamilyTree page, click on "Tree Mgmt" (Tree Management).
      3. On the Tree Management page, click on "Export Tree." Wait until the download is ready, and you'll then be instructed to click on a "Download Tree" link, which appears when the file is ready.
      4. Select where you want to save the file on your computer.
      If you instead wish to upload a GEDCOM to FTDNA:
      See "How to Upload Your GEDCOM" in the FTDNA Learning Center.

      There is also a section on the above page for "Common Questions about GEDCOMs," including How do I export a GEDCOM file from my genealogy software? which gives general directions for how to export a file for most programs. You can then use the .ged file to upload to FTDNA, or any other site that accepts .ged files (GEDCOM).

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        KATM thanks for stepping in and helping. I only know Ancestry.


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          I'm a total newbie and trying to find something like a current tutorial? Are there any current tutorial videos anywhere?


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            If you are asking about tutorials for Family Tree DNA or specifically for Family Finder results, I am not aware of any current videos, but if you go to the FTDNA Learning Center, there are older webinars. They are on FTDNA's YouTube channel as well. Some of the information in those videos may be a bit outdated, as changes have been made to some pages and functions since the videos were created.

            You should also try the links at the top of the Learning Center pages, for "FTDNA User Guide," which explain how your account works, the results pages for the various tests FTDNA offers, family trees and GEDCOMs, and more.

            Additionally, these blog posts by popular genealogist Roberta Estes may be helpful:


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              Thanks for the help, I just now found my way back to this post. Just a natural slow learner.


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                Originally posted by SeniorCowboy View Post
                Thanks for the help, I just now found my way back to this post. Just a natural slow learner.
                We know that some of us people are slow learners and If you are willing to learn faster, you can boost your learning skills. Here are the tips:
                Vary your learning routine, locations, and material. ...
                Get a good night's sleep. ...
                Space your study time. ...
                "Cramming" for an exam can work…. ...
                Use self-testing. ...
                Take notes in class and review them. ...
                Don't worry about short breaks or distractions while you're studying.

                Hope this helps you