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  • MyTrees malfunction

    I have just about given up on the MyTree charts. Early in December I contacted Family Tree advising them that there were IT malfunctions in the two other kits I administer. After a considerable time exchanging emails eventually it seemed the trees on all three kits were rectified. But the problem is since then the trees have reverted back to being out of sync and the latest is I am receiving the error information for each of the kits. The IT section of Family Tree is hopeless and at the moment I would not advise anyone to test their DNA with them. I tested in 2016 and everything went very well until December 2019. Whatever they are doing they should revert back to the 2016 version of MyTree. Regards, Maureen

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    It doesn't matter which company you test with or how good their tree system is, most of your matches won't have a tree that is of any value. At FTDNA most won't even bother to list surnames. With any company, most matches won't bother to reply when you share.

    Of course I never have understood why anyone tries to build a tree on line when there are several good free tree programs. Take your time to build a good tree on your computer and then upload a simple, but accurate, tree on line using a GEDCOM file.