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  • Have the labs shut down...

    Have the labs shut down at Family Tree. I have several kits which I administer and am not receiving new matches for several days. Also, I have one kit which is a Y700 kit which batched on 12/1 of last year. The date of test results on that kit is 03/23 and it has not even been updated. This is 03/30. At the very least the date should have changed. Because of the virus has everything been stalled. If so, we should be told.

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    My most recent FF matches are from 03/29/2020, 03/27/2020 and 03/26/2020.

    Don't know about the FTDNA lab open/closed unless they tell us.


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      It's hard to believe they are considered an essential business.


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        I just received Y700 results today on a kit that was batched on 12/29 so yes the lab is still working.


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          Well my results from that kit were in as I was looking at them earlier, now they've been taken down. It still shows it's completed but if I try clicking on the results like the matches it takes me to the "Awaiting Lab Results" page and the STR's were taken down but I downloaded them earlier. Another kit I have if I go to the "Order History" page it says the results were completed on the Y700 test back on 3/2 but yet on the main page it shows it's still analyzing data yet the Haplogroup is updated and I can see the SNP results but not the STRs. Maybe these will fully post in the next day or so.


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            Well both my kits I mentioned have posted the full results for the Big Y-700 this morning.


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              The parent company of FTDNA, Gene by Gene, provides forensic, medical and relationship testing, as well as genetic genealogy products. So it is likely that their lab has stayed open because that reange of services is considerec to be essential. See: