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  • No Communicaation from FT

    Anyone with Batch 1031 Bigy Y700 come in recently. Been waiting two months now with not a word from FT if there is a problem with the sample. Already tested to Y111 and no problem with that sample. Results came in three weeks. Some have said that samples may have to be rerun. Then why can't FT communicate that to us??? Some from the same batch have received their results. I really want to know if there is a problem with my sample not just left hanging for several months then to be told I need to submit a new sample. The Big Y tests are expensive. It would be nice to have a little communication.

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    Hi, there is a group on Facebook, "FTDNA - BIGY Facebook Group", I think that you may want to join it while you wait for results on your Big Y upgrade

    Also, if you go into your account on the Settings - > BigY - - > Matches, if your results didn't come yet and you will try to see your matches then you will see the expected date for your results. If for whatever reason you are not happy with the expected time, then you can contact their customer service.