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    I am so tired of getting the Error Code:500. Either fix this mess or just shutdown this site. I am fed up with it and I am sure I'm not the only one.

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    From many others' complaints, it has been well established that FTDNA needs to fix the problems with their myFamilyTree tool. A pox upon them for not working on it and getting it fixed, I agree.

    I'm not sure how many are getting the "Error Code 500," though, as most seem to have been able (recently) to access trees of their matches, but are still having issues with other functions (and some functions that were not included that were in the previous version). I for one can now access trees for my matches and my own tree, although it can be slow. I'm using a Mac, OS 10.12, with Firefox version 68.4.1esr. If you haven't tried already, try using a different browser. You can submit a Customer Support request at the link at the top right of these pages. Give them information about: what problems you've had accessing and using trees; your operating system; whether you access the site on a phone, computer or tablet; and which browser(s) you've used.

    But I do not think that having one tool not working properly at this time (as important as trees can be) necessitates shutting down the entire FTDNA website. Surely, even though a non-working or improperly working tree is not optimal, but the ability to view your match's profile, the use of your match list, comparing Family Finder matches with the Chromosome Browser, the In Common and Not In Common tools, etc. are still usable tools provided, and yield usable information.

    In the meantime, we can try contacting our matches, to see if they have a tree posted elsewhere that we can view, also.


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      Hi, I have to share my frustration with you on this. I think FTDNA's development and handling of Tree 2.0 is catastrophic here. What I experience, gets me both very sad and extremely irritated.
      I can't believe that the most serious DNA company develops such bad software and rolls it out, with a load of both functional and technical problems and handles its customers in this way when reporting errors.
      I reported 3 problems late november and only got avoiding answers in return, followed up a couple of times and gave up for a while, before I got engaged again now, communicating with a new match that is just as frustrated as me.
      One thing actually works well now: The GEDCOM upload now actually now MUCH better than before - thanks for that!
      1) In "Family View", the tree crashes with "Error 500" when trying to add my sister as match to the tree - others are ok.
      2) Search in the tree in "Family View" doesn't work -> I have to navigate to the matches that I want to add to the tree in order to achieve phasing.
      3) In the "Pedigree view" I can only climb UP in the tree, not DOWN - I can reset the view but only to its initial state.
      Also, the automatic name comparison between persons in the tree and persons in the match list in the old tree, was nifty and is now gone. This could have improved much on the problem that I have with adding matches to get phasing.
      I also added a feature request to the helpdesk a couple of times: I maintain my tree elsewhere and import an updated GEDCOM from time to time. I hav e to delete the tree and add my matches over again. This is very unnecessary, tiresome and tedious, when administering 10 kits and having to repeat this for 10-20 matches for each of them. I can think of a number of ways to solve this.


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        So many times over the years I've had to delete the old tree and upload new trees, now I don't bother, FTDNA keep breaking the trees. Latest site updates have stuffed up badly, majority of matches trees are still not working correctly, my 40odd kits trees are still not working correctly, waste of time trying to use FTDNA for atDNA matching using the trees. FTDNA has been very very bad in the IT from back to 2009 in my experience. We can only live in hope and keep submitting requests for action to fix the problems..


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          I'm new, so thought it was just me.