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Weird FTDNA website problem - ADD ONS & UPGRADES

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  • Weird FTDNA website problem - ADD ONS & UPGRADES

    After posting problems about the Trees not working and the reduced functionality of the new Dashboard, I find the ADD ONS & UPGRADES for individual kits to no longer make any sense.
    I have just been sent the new price scheme sent to Group Admins, and went to various member's kit pages to see what discounts they might get as already-existing members of projects. I found:

    1) that a member who bought Y67 has no option on his ADD ONS & UPGRADES item page to upgrade to 111 or to purchase BigY700;
    2) a member who bought Y37 has a $19 upgrade option to go to 111;
    3) a member whose Ancestry results were xferred to FTDNA has a $39 upgrade option to Y37.

    According to what I am seeing, there is no rhyme or reason here: the second and third men seem to be getting a good deal, but no one who purchased a Y67 kit has any upgrade options for Y DNA (!?).

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    According to the email I got, Y67 can upgrade to Y111 for $89, down from $99. I don't see any upgrades to Y700 other than its price is $449, down from $649.


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      I am not using e-mail as the source of my evidence, but the ADD ON & UPGRADE item that I suggest that all members check, because being a Project Member has meant some sort of discount in the past.
      I understand that a discount is not being offered to new customers, which as an inducement to new members was better than "list price" but typically only $10 to $20.
      I am talking about those who have already provided a sample as members, or xferred results to FTDNA. What I am seeing for them does not make sense.