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  • Please Delete The SPAM Posts

    A responsible member of the FTDNA staff needs to read the message forums every day and clean out the SPAM.

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    Have you reported it to FTDNA using the 'Customer Support' link at the top of this page?


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      I reported a few recent spam posts by clicking on the flag symbol for each. Darren used to be the forum moderator; at least he was the only person who was identified as one. He was very responsive, and I wonder if he is still in that position.


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        When FTDNA fails to monitor the message boards, customers and visitors will get the impression that the company does not take customer service seriously. In the virtual world of the internet and social media, appearances are extremely important. Yes, we need to report all questionable activity, such as selling counterfeit money and documents through these message boards, but FTDNA needs to pay attention too, and act immediately.


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          Hi all,
          Darren no longer works with the company, but I and another person in the Customer Service Department do check the Flag Reports on a regular basis and delete posts that are reported to us that way. We also passively observe posts whenever we happen to be signed in, which is how I happened across this one. The posts about counterfeit money have been deleted and the spammer has been banned. Please do continue to report issues so that we can keep the site friendly, safe, and legal for all parties!


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            There should be a way to make "flag reports" pop up on the desktop of key FTDNA customer service staff. Posts won't be "flagged" by customers unless there's a significant issue, so it is important to complete the "flagging" process by sending the "flag" signal directly to customer service staff in a way that gets their immediate attention.


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              malachib, FTDNA could also assign as Moderator/s one of its customers. Any issue with a post/poster would be handled in a more timely manner.

              I nominate KATM, John McCoy and/or Prarielad.
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