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  • RE: Disappearing Big-Y matches

    Hi All,

    I posted the following question hoping someone at FT would explain their reasoning behind their Big-Y700 limit on Matches.
    27th September 2019, 10:39 AM

    This is FTDNA's statement on
    BigY- Results - Matching
    The Matching tab displays your terminal SNP matches. Your terminal SNP determines the terminal (final) subbranch (on the Y-DNA haplotree) to which you belong.

    A person is considered a match if they have 30 or fewer differences in SNPs with you, and their haplogroup is downstream from your haplogroup or downstream from your four closest parent haplogroups.

    Am I wrong to advise my project members that any Terminal Haplogroup assignment is a TEMPORARY assignment until remaining Private Variants find a match. It is a temporary assignment and not their FINAL Terminal Haplogroup.
    Can someone at FTDNA please explain why these limits are being applied.
    What value do they add to our research.
    Is there any plans to change them ?


    There are 38 people, including me, downstream of my terminal haplogroup but based on the limit I only match with 2 of them. As far as I can see there is no way to discover names or contact details for the remaining 35 distant cousins.


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    The Terminal Haplogroup assignment is not temporary, its final until a new sub-clade below your current sub-clade is discovered. The matching limits are creating a lot of problems. If your in an older sub-clade with a lot of Private Variants, you will not get your terminal sub-clade matches. In some sub-clades you will get bogus matches. When one updates to Big Y700 they may lose matches that they had with Big Y500, because of the increase in Private Variants. I have complained to FTDNA may times to no avail. FTDNA needs to completely rewrite there Big-Y program. If you want to find your true matches, you have to go to YFull or some others. Maybe Y-DNA Warehouse. I have not been able to contact 10 people who match with my members because of these problems. Until a lot of Admins complain to FTDNA, this problem will not be fixed.


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      Hi Ericjle,

      You are telling me my Terminal haplogroup is permanett. Sorry I don't agree as I now have 18 private variants identified by Big-Y700. If I have any private variants left then my Terminal is not permanent. Definition of permanent -
      lasting or intended to last or remain unchanged indefinitely.

      I have project members who think Permanent means permanent.

      That is a minor issue in relation to the difficulties the "30 marker & 5 branch" limit cause for our project's research. This is the major issue for us. They told me back in July they were aware of the problem and working on it.


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        I have just asked the Help Desk what the current position is on the 30 marker & 5 branch limit.


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          As I said: "its final until a new sub-clade below your current sub-clade is discovered" Its a matter of terminology. " Terminal sub-clade is defined as the final sub-clade at this time" There is always a chance that you will find a new sub-clade below as long as you don't run out of SNPs. My cousins are out of SNPs, I am down to 2 SNPs. But this can change if we would upgrade to a complete Genome Y-DNA test.

          I have been waiting about 3-4 years since I first complained about Big-Y matchings, don't hold your breath.