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  • Helpdesk Contact Form not working


    I have tried several times to fill in a Contact Us Form to ask a question. Each time I am asked to select a Category but the drop down list is empty. So I have emailed FT using [email protected] hoping for a reply. All I get is instructions on how "respectfully" I should submit my request via the proper Contact Us Form and select a Category.

    I will keep responding to FT's - ACTION REQUIRED: Your Family Tree DNA E-mail Request … in the hope that someone at FTDNA reads my emails or this Topic.


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    Have you tried using a different browser to access (Customer Support link)? I just tried it, and was able to see the choices on the drop down menu.

    Yes, you should get a reply within a few days, if you are responding to an email from the FTDNA Helpdesk ([email protected]), which should contain a ticket number. You should refer to this ticket number in your emails. Such an email is sent after a Contact Us form is submitted. You should get a confirmation email first, with the ticket number, and then an actual reply within a day or three. At least, this is how it had worked for a long time, but I haven't had the need to submit a request for a couple of years now.

    I'm not sure if using the [email protected] email address to initiate communication will get a reply, though. At some point, FTDNA discontinued accepting customer service emails to at least one of those addresses (if not both), and requested customers to instead use the Customer Support link (with contact form).

    I haven't seen posts from Darren (forum moderator) in the FTDNA forums for some time, so I'm not sure if he still is the moderator, or even if there IS still a moderator here.


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      Thanks Katm but I used to ask my question. As that wasn't working I used [email protected] to make FT aware of the problem.

      The issue has been fixed. I think FT were working on the Help pages. There appears to be some changes to the contents of the "Confirmation: Your Support Request Was Received" auto responder.


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        Glad to hear the problem was resolved. I hope whatever was causing problems with the support form is now fixed.