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How long does it take to get Y DNA matches once results are back?!!

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  • How long does it take to get Y DNA matches once results are back?!!

    I have a project member, who ordered a 111 marker Y DNA test, and all 111 markers came back last Thursday. They all appear on the STR marker results page. It is now Sunday. He has NO matches. NADA. It spins through 111 markers, 67 markers, 37 markers, 25 markers, 12 markers, and reports NO matches. NADA.

    How long is it taking to actually see one's matches? Or is this yet another issue that one has to wait a week or two before someone at Customer Service deigns to report it to IT, and then a week for IT to manage to read the ticket, and then a week, and then another week, and then a THIRD week, for them to fix it - like has been happening with one thing after another for the past THREE MONTHS???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has seriously taken that long to manage to obtain and access Chromosome browser results for one project member after another.

    The project member seems to believe he has to wait for his BIG Y results to come back before seeing his STR matches - THAT BETTER NOT BE TRUE! That is not expected until January, and the two things should not have a thing to do with each other. They've never had any connection before! Just because his STR results page seems to imply he's waiting for hundreds of markers to come back!

    Dora Smith
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    The matches should be there when his results come in unless he has no matches.

    I manage one account with no matches. When you select the highest number of markers you tested, it automatically drops down to the next lower level until you get to the y-12.

    Maybe he should call customer service to make sure it's not a technical issue.


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      Have you looked at his Y-DNA results? Does he have any null values? Do you have a public website for your project where we can see his results?

      I haven't been seeing any delays for Y-DNA results for Y-DNA111 or less.