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My first FTDNA grumble and gripe

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  • My first FTDNA grumble and gripe

    For almost a month or more, no matter which browser I use to log in to Family Finder, a message pops up saying the page is unresponsive and I have the choices to wait for it to respond or exit. I've clicked wait but the problem still persists. Please help solve this issue for me. Thank you.

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    To view any of the Family Finder pages I have to log into my kit and then select the Family Finder page I want to view. Do you log into your kit first and then try to elect a Family Finder page? Which Family Finder page are you trying to view?

    The only time I have the message you are describing "Wait or Exit" is when my Internet service is running very or when I have several different sessions using the Internet at the same time. Have you tried to access Family Finder using a different provider - another location that offers free Internet service? Did you change providers before this problem started?


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      Are you still having this problem?

      This must be the one computerly possible problem I have NOT run into at Family Tree DNA in the past several months. One problem I had was an endlessly spinning wheel when chromosome browser results ought to appear...

      What I would suggest is in Chrome, click on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner, and then choose New incognito window, and then log into Family Tree DNA, which you may have to do even if it would normally automatically log you in. This has the same practical effect as clearing your browser cache and cookies would.

      Some of these too sophisticated for their own good web sites, outdated cookies can prevent the site or some of its features from working - and you can't even for instance selectively delete all cookies and that will get rid of the defective cookie. And I don't know about you, but noone can make me delete the cookies that log me into web sites.

      What these web sites need to do is drop it with the dynamic features that depend on bizarre stuff like flash, and javascript, and cookies.

      Dora Smith