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  • Linking, paternal and maternal link icons

    Really getting irritated. I've worked with linking for months on my Family Tree. Everything has worked fine. Today I uploaded a new Gedcom to replace my earlier tree because I have a lot of new entries. All of my linked matches were unlinked. I spent an entire day redoing all the links in the updated Gedcom. Even though all the cousins show as linked the little blue paternal icon and little pink maternal line icons are not filled. So the linking was useless. What's going on? This was a great feature. Now I've wasted a lot of time and also lost all the prior paternal and maternal icon fulfillments..

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    Finally came through this evening.


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      Has this been fixed? I'm wondering whether I should bother uploading a more recent gedcom since I have been able to expand my tree by several generations back and multiple branches - in fact thanks to FTDNA and GM - and would like to add those matches to my tree - but not at the expense of losing all my existing linked relatives (I have over 50 direct tested known relatives plus many more who tested on their own, all linked) and which I'd have to re-enter one by one. Are there any known solutions other than re-linking? Thanks.


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        Better to add the new branchs and link to new matches to the tree, because Each time you upload a new gedcom it overwrites the old one and you have to re link all the matches. Trouble I'm having with some of my new kits is getting gedcom uploaded successful without involving support.


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          Maybe you have a wrong information about an ancestor you share. This could result to corrupting your database and set you back in your efforts.