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    Thanks Jim. This "elective" procedure has been postponed due to covid. Maybe mid-April, maybe not, but this is off point for the forum issue, just acknowledging your good thoughts. I appreciate that you and others are helping me with the changes made at FTDNA, which led to a sort of panic state for me. Each new placement on the new Dashboard frustrated me since I use a lot of "muscle memory" to click where I am used to finding things (maybe this is because I was once a trombonist). These changes have not encouraged my members to ever user their FTDNA kit page. I used to be able to guide them through that, but I can no longer "teach a man to fish" since I am wondering around on the dock myself. I hope the "View Previous" remains an option but I would not expect the old Dashboard to work indefinitely, based on my past experiences with "new and improved" interfaces.