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  • Grumble, Grumble My Origins Moan Moan

    Hi everyone

    I am trying to trace back my (allegedly) 3% Sephardic Ancestry according to My Origins results.

    I clicked on the My Origins link then 'View My Origins map'. I then had a full size map with a box in the lower left hand corner. The box contains a list of matches and there are 3 columns next to the names headed Relation, European and Jewish Diaspora, The latter two columns are sortable. When I sort the Jewish Disapora column I get a short list of matches of people with their degree of Jewishness (for want of a better term) listed from highest to lowest. It is not a very long list so it has not helped me very much.

    Separately I was looking through my full list of matches and stumbled across someone who had a Jewish name in the ancestry. I emailed them and they have just advised me that they have 45% sephardic ancestry on My Origins.

    Theoretically then their name should appear in the My origins list of Jewish matches but it is nowhere to be seen. Why is this so?

    I figure there must be a lot of other people with some degree of Sephardic ancestry in the long list of family Finder matches that I have. Is there a quick and easy way to extract all the matches that have some degree of Sephardic ancestry and if possible sort them on the degree of their Jewishness?

    Thanks Peter

    ps Grumble moan grumble moan....

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    There is a setting in Account Settings, under Privacy and Sharing, called "Origins Sharing." You can opt in or opt out of sharing your MyOrigins results with your matches. It is described as "Share my ethnicity and ancient origins with my matches," then has a button to toggle on or off for sharing. See the page for "Account Settings - Privacy and Sharing" in the FTDNA Learning Center. Click on the "+" for the section labeled "Origin Sharing" to see a description.

    It is possible that your match with 45% Sephardic ancestry has chosen to Opt Out of sharing his or her MyOrigins results. You could check with the match, and have them look at their settings to find out.