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  • New matches??

    Doesn't seem to be a place to put this question so it isn't a gripe. Is anyone else not receiving any recent matches? I have 11 kits and haven't had any matches on any of them since either Aug. 20 or 21. I've always had matches on these kits either every day or every other day.

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    Haven't had any since the 21st for my three kits. I bet we will get a flock of them tonight. I usually don't get many over the weekend. If I do it might be just one or two, which I figure were ones which had problems and needed to get a little work done before they could be released.

    We shall see.


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      Some new matches for my kits came through last night. My gripe now is that I have not had any matches in a heck of a long time which provided any useful clues.