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Shipping time from Italy to USA?

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  • Shipping time from Italy to USA?

    Hi, someone I hope to match, sent a kit back to Houston the week of Fri 21 Jun (so sometime between Sun 16 Jun - Fri 21 Jun). They said they would tell me when it is received. The tester is in Northern Italy, but the man who mailed it back is in Austria I think.

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    1. Login (or ask the tester to do so) and check what the profile information says (click Complete Order History; on the left side) - it may have already arrived

    2. it is possible to track mail, if the sender still keeps the document from the post office; every package has a unique number:

    3. wait a little longer - mail from Europe sometimes reaches its destination in US in 10 -14 days, but it can also travel two months. (I sent a letter to US in December, and it arrived in February. A friend sent me a postcard in April, and it arrived in July. Both places in Europe.)

    Good luck.


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      Thank you Emona. I have no contact with the sender, only one of the Admins from the group, who says he mailed it 21 Jun, which is now 6 weeks ago.


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        I just rec'd an email that FTDNA in Houston received it four days ago. Now either the Project, and/or me, will be happy with more knowledge. EDIT - There was a post (on Ancestry) almost 20 years ago that said my paternal line came to Germany from Northern Italy.)
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