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  • Less than helpful pedigrees

    I am puzzled why some people post such , well, to be blunt, lousy pedigrees. I realize some folks are beginners, and don;t have much, but I have seen way too many pedigrees on this site that go back hundreds of years, but have absolutely NO PLACE Names for any of their ancestors, not even a country. If someone has researched one's ancestry back to the 1700s, you obviously must know where most of them lived. The location information is extremely helpful in figuring out which line a connection may be on. Some trees are even worse, lacking both dates and place names. I cannot think of any rational reason one would omit such information. I am very grateful to those of you that post pedigrees that are carefully done, and as complete as possible. Why others are wasting their own and other people's time with pedigrees with so much information edited out, I have no clue.

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    I see exactly the same things at Ancestry and MyHeritage. At MyHeritage there are many matches that show a tree with many people in it but the match isn't shown as being related to any of them.