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    Nothing substantive - this will make me feel better though. Eight years and no breakthroughs. No freaking decent matches. Who was my paternal great grandfather’s father. C’mon people, I don’t want your castle or your gold. I want a name. (One I can spell easily, please.). ;-)

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    Absolutely love the comment, same here not interested in money or possessions, I just want to find someone I am related to lol. In 3 years zilch for mtDNA, so went for the auDNA. Results came back recently.

    I want that buzz - ooo I really do have a match. So keen to have that buzz, I paid for my twin and my mother to also have the auDNA - if nothing else I will see how the matching really works.

    I have no aunts or uncles (all deceased), no father (he died 39 years ago). Because we lived abroad in the 1970s we lost touch with everyone, by the time we came back mid 1980s they'd either died or moved.

    I want to find a relative