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  • Hoping I get a result

    The SNP pack I just ordered had results delayed. The last test I ordered got no result after two tries. It had this same delay notice. The no result test was for my dad. I know DNA was on the swab because one I saw a tiny bit of blood. This SNP test is for me using the file sample successfully tested to 67 markers and mtDNA Full test. Here is hoping that the delay is for lab volume and not quality control even though the status says "completed" on the main results page. (delay annotated on the secondary page for active tests.)

    Please wish me luck in the Scot Modal Haplogroup test 1065.


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    There had been a delay/backlog on one of my kits - auDNA, it was due, then a notation saying it was delayed, then a partial result - that was this past week. Eventually within a few days it sorted itself out, after the website went down for maintenance.

    Though some other people here are also having a delay on y-DNA kits. I think because of various sales - they have a bulk batch of kits landing at their door. There's now another sale here in the UK for Father's Day, which means possibly 00s of people buying kits, ultimately, those kits all arrive back within a similar time frame and then I 'presume' it clogs up the laboratory, then they need to transfer the data into a database for us to see the results.