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My Grumbles & Gripes about courier with parcel

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  • My Grumbles & Gripes about courier with parcel

    First to explain I live in the U.K.

    My package (DNA kit) has a tracking number, after leaving FamilyTreeDNA, it arrived in Melrose Park, Illinois, U.S. It has been sitting there for one week.

    So since ordering it, eight (8) days later it hasn't even left the U.S. To me that's incredible, no wonder these things take so long.

    Moan Moan Moan.

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    Unless you paid an extra shipping fee I believe your package was sent USPS (US Postal Service). If so it will have a USPS tracking number. To put it mildly USPS tracking sucks in the US. Once your package leaves the US does USPS tracking work alt all? I live in the US so I have no idea, but I doubt it.


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      Did you track the kit using the USPS website? I wonder if FTDNA's Learning Center FAQ on shipping is up to date, because it says that they use DHL for shipping within the U.S., and DHL International for international locations. Also on that page, it says DHL can take several weeks for international deliveries. I haven't had a kit mailed from FTDNA to an overseas location, or received one within the U.S. for some time, so I don't know if they currently use USPS or DHL. Perhaps someone who has received a kit recently can clear that up, although it seems that DHL hands mail off to the local postal system (in U.S. or internationally) for the final step in delivery. I would think there would be DHL marking on the package, though, if they did the earlier part of transporting.

      But, if FTDNA uses USPS, I agree with Jim Barrett. It may well be that the package has moved on, but the status was not updated in the USPS tracking software. The package missed being "scanned out" of Melrose Park, or the scan didn't register, to show the next destination (likely O'Hare International Airport). At least, I have seen that happen when tracking packages sent by other companies, within the U.S. The tracking status just goes into limbo: you think it's stuck in the last shown location, and then voilà, it arrives. Once delivered in the U.S., the status is updated.

      Melrose Park, IL, is less than 10 miles from Chicago's O'Hare International Airport, so odds are (fingers crossed) that the package is en route to you now. Keep us updated in this thread when it arrives.


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        Hi Jim and KATM, it is DHL, it shows it left FamilyTreeDNA, sent to a DHL, depot.

        As it is being sent outside the US we don’t get offered a choice of upgrading the postage – it is a flat fee of $9.95.

        The Tracking shows:
        2 days after I ordered:
        1:58pm - Electronic Notification Received and tracking will be updated.
        2:04pm - En Route to DHL ecommerce distribution center
        2 days later:
        9.54am – arrival at DHL ecommerce distribution center
        12:07pm – processed
        1 day later
        3:48pm – processing completed at origin – Melrose Park, IL, US – which is where it is sitting.

        So since it was processed and completed at origin at 3:48pm – Melrose Park, IL, US – tracking hasn’t moved for over a week.

        From the date of ordering 17 May 2019 to today 29 May 2019 – 12 days – and not even left the US, but sitting in a warehouse depot in Illinois.
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          Any updates CardiffLady as I'm in a similar boat myself though not waited as long.


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            With DHL since 20 May 2019

            Been in DHL warehouse Illinois since the 22 May 2019

            Now the 31 May 14 days after ordering on the 17 May 2019

            About an hour ago... (between me checking and now checking again). It looks like it is leaving the US. Now I wonder how long it will take to arrive at my front door!!!

            I did send emails to DHL asking what the delay was - never received a reply (except the automated reply 'we will respond').

            Annoyingly 14 days before it leaves the US.

            I'm waiting on another kit I ordered on the 23 May, so from the above it will probably sit with DHL and will eventually ship to UK about the 6/7th of June.


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              Thanks for the update. In the meantime, I did a web search for DHL, and came across comments from a lot of unhappy customers, going back from the present to a few years ago. It seems you are not alone.


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                Update, parcel arrived today 1 June 2019. Literally from ordering on the 17th May to the 1st June 15 days of which about 8/9 days in the DHL warehouse. Also the tracking email update, states it was delivered to another post code (which means an entirely different suburb), when in fact it was delivered to my home.

                Still waiting for a reply to my initial emails direct to DHL.

                From this timeline, I am presuming my other kit will arrive about the 10 June.


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                  My kit arrived today 10th of June,ordered on 24th May and also sat in the DHL warehouse for a week.


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                    Originally posted by Gary Clarke View Post
                    My kit arrived today 10th of June,ordered on 24th May and also sat in the DHL warehouse for a week.
                    So incredibly frustrating watching the tracking - and not moving, they've still not replied to any emails.

                    Being nosey, which country do you live in? Reason I'm asking my other order was ordered on 23 May. Which arrived 8 June.
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