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    I have posted about this issue before, it is still unresolved. A project I have joined has a member who is posting about totally unrelated topics, and who has no results which match other members.
    He has been on other forums, and removed from them. Some of his comments are political and sexist. I have contacted all 3 admins, and the helpdesk, with no result. Other members are angry and annoyed.
    Any suggestions?

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    Have you tried calling FTDNA?

    Call us at 713-868-1438
    • Mon - Fri 9 AM - 5 PM CT
    Or the live chat?


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      I have contacted the helpdesk several times, I believe that some other members are also complaining, maybe we will now see a result.
      Thank you for suggesting a call, I am in Australia and a bit challenged in the tech department!
      Constant requests will probably do the trick