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    Linking kits. My close family have no interest in genealogy but are happy to give their DNA.

    Two questions with possibly the same answer:
    1. If I purchase a kit for my twin brother for the yDNA - will I need to create a new account for him?
    2. If I purchase a kit for my mother for the Family Finder DNA - will I need to create a new account for her?
    I also have the mtDNA for myself back in 2016. How do I link all of the results together?

    Apologies there's no search function to see if this question has been asked before.
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    At FTDNA, every person has his/her own kit number and login password, so unless your mother or brother have already done any tests at FTDNA, he or she will need to have their own, new kit, with its own kit number and password.

    If your brother and/or mother have done another test at FTDNA previously, then you would log in to each of their accounts (or they would), and order the desired test while logged in. If you order a test for an existing account without being logged in to that account, FTDNA won't know about the existing account, and will send a new kit with new kit number and password. That will cause a lot of confusion, and isn't always easy to fix. You want to have all tests for each person in their own account.

    If one or both have not done prior testing at FTDNA, you should order tests for them without being logged in, so they will each have their own kit number and account. Do NOT order a test for someone else while logged in to your own account.

    Currently, you can't link other kits to your own, but rather you must log in to each kit to see results, matches, etc. This may change in the future. The only way to avoid logging in separately to each account is to set up your own family project, but that is getting ahead of things. If you ordered your most recent test while logged in to your account, you will see sections for results for both tests on your account's home page.

    At the top right of the forum pages, there is a search box. You can click on the small down triangle to see some options, one of which is "advanced search."
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      Thanks for your reply. My mother is in a nursing home and wouldn't know what a computer is let alone log in (she has Alzheimer's), though she knows who I am, we reminisce about her family. It was because of her that I chose this interest in finding out about our family and began this journey some 8 years ago.

      So basically I just need to create two additional accounts for one for my twin and one for my mother.

      Kind regards.


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        Yes; you will create two additional accounts by ordering two new kits. And, it is good to have a parent tested. Always test the eldest relatives if possible.

        You may be interested in the following:
        While you are waiting to get your mother's results, it will be good to make a family tree at FTDNA (or upload a GEDCOM file, if you have genealogy software to produce it). As long as the tree shows your mother, once her results come in and she shows as a match to you, you will then be able to link her DNA kit to her place in the tree. This will then "phase," or filter, your match list so it will show maternal relatives. These pages in the Learning Center explain how it works:If you have any relatives on your father's side who are also happy to give their DNA , you can link them to their place in the family tree, and then your match list will filter your paternal matches.

        Also, you may wish to read these two still relevant articles by Roberta Estes from July 2016, on the then newly-introduced Family Matching System:The second link gives lists of the relatives who can be used with the Family Matching System.

        I sympathize with you and your mother's situation, having had close relatives with similar medical conditions. I'm glad she recognizes you and is able to reminisce; that is something for you to treasure.
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          Yes have been using Legacy software for about 7 years - I used that to load the gedcom of my relatives 800+ profiles (includes my son's father's line). I've purchased all the BMD Certificates in totality and no more can be done through those channels. I even purchased some sibling birth/death certificates for some family members to be 100% sure of the family connections.

          Problem with father's family and my mother's. We moved abroad in the 1970s and lost touch with family or they died. So I really only have a twin brother and my mother. Her sisters both died, and my father's brother's side of the family also died some 19 years ago, my father's nephew died 3 years ago. This is why I want to do the Family Finder with my mother - she has medical issues as well as the Alzheimer's, so no idea how long she'll be with us. Yes I treasure each day with my mother.

          My son's father's family have an interesting background, will one day get my son's yDNA done, again can't do his father - he died some 15 years ago. So our son is the last link to the paternal side.

          I will peruse the two links tomorrow (for me it is 03:31am), so I should be off to bed.

          Thank you so much for your expert help and assistance KATM.