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    So this week I received a notification about new matches so I took a peek. Outside of a 1st cousin, I've never been lucky enough to match with anyone closer to me than a 2nd - 4th cousin, most are in the 3rd - 5th cousin range. However, my new match popped in at 1st - 3rd cousin. Yay for me! Only problem is this person is called TBD TBD for first and last name with a non-contactable email address ([email protected]). So, possibly my best match in a long, long time has no name and no method of contact. I get that there may be other things going on here, like adoption or something, but I really wish they'd picked not to show matches as I can't "unsee" what I've seen, and what I've seen is that I share a good amount of dna (260 cm) on my first X-Match with someone I can't contact. All I can do is hope that they eventually contact me!

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    Gene by Gene is the parent company of Family Tree DNA. Gene by Gene is now processing kits submitted by Law Enforcement, to use in the FTDNA database. These kits are from crime scene DNA (from unidentified victims, or DNA left by criminals), and will show up as matches to other customers, unless you opt out of sharing with Law Enforcement (see below).

    You may want to check your Privacy settings; see the FTDNA Learning Center page for "Account Settings - Privacy & Sharing," and look under the bullet for "Privacy and Sharing Settings," in the "Law Enforcement Matching (LEM)" section. You could try toggling off the switch for "Opt in to Law Enforcement Matching," then refresh your matches page and check your match list again to see if this TBD TBD 1st-3rd cousin still shows up. If not, then that match would seem to be a kit submitted by Law Enforcement, and they may well be contacting you.
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      I'd done a bit of digging and had found that Gene By Gene seemed to be the parent company of FTDNA, and earlier today I actually found that toggle for the Law Enforcement option and toggled it off. I do still see the match, so I'm going to check the settings to make sure, I really don't want to be contacted by anyone not interested in personal genealogy.


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        racinggirl, my brother had the same match, "TBD TBD" from " [email protected]" at a very good relationship level. Better than some of our known relatives. No one else in the family matches this person. (As we are not Americans we don't get many "good" matches.)

        Today when I checked the match is no longer there?
        I had my brothers privacy settings as NOT opting into "Law Enforcement Matching" before his test kit went to the lab.
        The match had ~160 shared cm and the Longest Block was only 8 cm.

        He does have another match from TBD TBD from genebygene, but at a much lower level and the email has proper first name.


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          I just went back and made sure the Law Enforcement switch was definitely turned off, I've refreshed my matches and the TBD match has now disappeared.... strangely I'm English too so that's a little bit odd... Not turning it back on though!!


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            That's good.
            I checked mr brothers settings and he was opted out.
            perhaps this person has turned his matches 'off ' for a while?