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Why haplogroups are gray and black

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  • Why haplogroups are gray and black

    I saw in FaceBook that FTDNA users account page y-dna haplogroup background was yellow and mt-dna haplogroup background was red. Now FTDNA has there gray and blac background. Please add to settings colour choise. Or better are blue and red backgrounds than gray and black. Thanks!

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    Which Y and mtDNA pages, or parts of them, do you mean? Could you provide a screenshot of an example?

    If you mean the home page when you first log in, and you see the "badges" showing the haplogroups at the top right of the page, the colors for these vary depending upon the haplogroup. For example, of the kits I manage that have had haplogroup tests, I see Y haplogroup R as brown, Y haplogroup E as deep yellow, mtDNA haplogroup H as dark blue-green, and mtDNA K as deep orange-red; all are over dark gray at the bottom. I don't have anyone tested with either the Y-DNA group N, or mtDNA U, so am not familiar with the color of those badges.

    Here is another thread discussing the badge colors, if that is what you are concerned about. I could not find anything about them in the FTDNA Learning Center, though.
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