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  • Disappointed

    Hi folks,
    I'm a bit dissapointed to hear the DNA results don't include health information. Other companies include health information.
    Will this company include it in future ?

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    You can always use Promethease for a small fee, to get a health report. You would need your autosomal raw data file to upload there (such as Family Finder). There are examples of their reports at the Promethease website.

    FTDNA has been known for many years as the one company whose explicit policy is to NOT include health markers, as much as possible. They will likely continue that policy when they change to a newer testing chip (which has probably already happened). FTDNA offers extra tests for certain "traits" for separate fees, but nothing really involved with health as it relates to disease, drugs, etc. These are shown when you click on "Add Ons & Upgrades" while logged in to your account; they are called "Factoids."

    As far as I know, only 23andMe emphasizes such health results from their test. Ancestry and MyHeritage do not, so far. I don't know about any other testing companies that offer health information, but those I mentioned are the current top 4 for commercial genetic genealogy testing. is currently offering to tell you about your "Traits" for a fee ($9.99 USD), but these results are not what could be regarded as the same as most of 23andMe's health reporting. Ancestry will tell you 18 "Traits," from your earlobe shape, to finger length, to hair color or type. They do not cover any results related to disease, etc. Some are similar to those "Factoids" that FTDNA offers separately.
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      The reason for their avoidance of Health Information is part Privacy Protection, and part avoiding falling into a regulatory purgatory for "offering a medical product or service" which would put them at the regulatory mercy of states like California, New York, and Illinois to name a few. Its cheaper easier to NOT offer the medical product/service, avoid the legal headaches(or lose the ability to operate in those states), and just offer it as they do. That also keeps 15 different regulatory authorities from constantly wanting to "independently" inspect/certify their laboratory facilities, sometimes with conflicting and even contradictory requirements(where one agency wants A, while another expressly does not want A).


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        The only company I'm aware of doing anything related to health information is 23andme at more than triple the cost of a FTDNA kit. You get what you pay for. I've done kits from both companies, the health reports from 23andme are very vague, they do show some markers for things such as Parkinson's, Alzheimer and the like but also state because you show the marker it doesn't mean you'll actually develop the disease. The health reports are not worth the extra money, do a Promethease report at the link shown above, you'll get the same thing as what you would from 23andme. If you are concerned about a certain disease, do a proper marker test with a reputable company. The purpose of Family Tree DNA, MyHeritage plus the other testing companies you mention are DNA tests for genealogy.


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          Thank you all for the replies. It's a bummer, but i can live with just genealogy info.


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            The problem I've had with it is not that FTDNA does not provide health info, but rather that they go out of there way to REDACT the positions that have potentially useful medical info in them. There is nothing in the govt regulations that require them to do this, and its puzzling given that mtdna also has medical info in it- and they don't redact those. To compare, Ancestry used to use the same chip as here (don't know if they still do) - and ancestry did not redact, nor get into any trouble for not doing so.

            If they don't redact, then all you do is download your raw data and if youre' interested in medical info, run it through a third party sevice e.g. Promethease. But by FTDNA removing the data, even if you download your raw data, you can't access what you need for medical info - FTDNA has the data on you , but they do not release it to you.

            That bothers me alot and i've griped about it. Also was what kept me from ever recommending FTDNA to people for autosomal testing.