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    Up until now I had never received an e-mail from any of my matches, but now this has changed... Is there any way I can change my profile so that my matches don't see my e-mail address, or is that a requirement? Sorry to be so ignorant, but it's hard to keep up with all of this stuff!

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    It's a required field, so I don't think you can remove an email address from your profile. I don't know if it's always been that way; I think I've seen complaints in the past from people who had matches with no contact information. You can change it to another address, though, perhaps one you set up only for DNA matches, then only check that one when you want.

    Did you test for reasons other than to find matching relatives? Are you now suddenly getting an onslaught of emails?


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      Set up an new non identifying email that you use specifically for FTDNA (gmail, hotmail, outlook, yahoo, ect.)
      Change your email to new email at FTDNA under Settings > contact settings
      enter new email address in line provided and click add
      select new email address (check box) to set as default, then delete the old one.
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        But why don't you want matches to see your e-mail address / to contact you?


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          If you'll turn off seeing matches, matches will not see you. Therefore they won't send you emails.


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            What's the point of testing if you don't want any contact. Silly.


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              Originally posted by rdpettit View Post
              What's the point of testing if you don't want any contact. Silly.
              The point of testing was to see if my autosomal DNA reflected any unknown information regarding my paternal ancestry: I'm not opposed to answering a few genealogical questions, but I have very many matches and very little time for contact. FTDNA is not social media.