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D95919 waiting results for 6 months

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  • D95919 waiting results for 6 months

    I paid for D95919 results back in July of 2018 and it keeps being delayed and now up to February- maybe! Batch is 864. So tired of this!

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    So it isn't just my mother then, she's in batch 901 at the end of September, also seeing the results getting constantly delayed.

    Almost forgot we even ordered the test, pretty sure its going to come back negative for the marker range it's used to check for, but on the off chance its positive, we're testing it. So its pretty much been a backburner item for me/the extended family.
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      I've had this happen to several of my project members, one over a year and a half waiting for results. The problem in most cases is FTDNA has run out of test sample. This is especially true in cases when there was a change in address and/or the person who tested did not know what the new sample kit was for, as in managed kits. FTDNA does not seam to Email or post a message in either of the managed accounts nor the Administrators GAP account. I've had to call FTDNA at least 20 times to see if they sent out a new sample kit.