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Should non-genealogy companies review DNA testing?

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  • Should non-genealogy companies review DNA testing?

    I've seen reviews of DNA testing companies, from FTDNA to Ancestry, 23andMe and others, in various online and print articles. Those reviews that appeared in genealogy-oriented sites or magazines seem to have at least a realistic connection, and try to approach their reviews based on how the results help in genealogy research. But for PC World magazine to be reviewing "Best DNA testing kits" in their "Cloud & Services" section? Is that a bit of apples and oranges?

    I can see where someone who is not a genealogy hobbyist (or professional) might see pros and cons through the lens of an average person new to DNA testing; especially one who has not done his/her homework to find out more about DNA testing, so they can make an informed choice. But on the other hand, these tests were originally marketed to genealogists, who may have different views of what features are important.

    If you've read the above linked review round-up, and the individual reviews for each company, what do you think? Does the author make valid points? Does he have errors in his descriptions?

    The two page review by PC World for FamilyTreeDNA, recently published on Dec. 14th and added to the roundup article above, may have some valid points about FTDNA's presentation of results. It also has some misleading or seemingly erroneous information. If I was a DNA testing "newbie," I think I'd be confused after reading it. Any thoughts?

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    Misinformation, presented under the guise of authority Cringeworthy stuff.

    If I was a newbie, I wouldn't be confused ... it's clearly telling me that testing with FTDNA is a waste of my money. Wait until someone tests with 23andme on the basis of this article, and then finds out the 23andme Y "result" isn't adequate for what they want to find out


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      Not to sound too political, but that writer sounds like a genealogy "hack" with just more "fake news". LOL

      Admittedly, I have a positive bias toward FTDNA because my first test was with them in 2011. The writer's comment about FTDNA's outdated website design is just his personal opinion. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"..........and I like the colorful design.

      Writer had not done his research re mtDna. FTDNA is the ONLY company that does Full Sequence Testing. E.g., I tested with 23 and they gave me the Haplogroup of U3a. I then tested with FTDNA and they gave me the full sequence of U3a1b.

      Writer praised 23 for giving dna in percentages. As a genetic genealogy hobbyist, I only use centimorgans. So, I have to take 23's percentage and multiply by ~75 to convert to cMs.

      The writer would have been more credible, fair and informed had he had longer-term, hands-on experience using FTDNA's site, and had he done broader-based research.
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