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Eight months for Big Y500???!!!

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  • Eight months for Big Y500???!!!

    Eight months is more than enough time to process Big Y500 from scratch 3-4 times over. FTDNA delivered my autosomal, y-111, and full sequence mtDNA eight months ago, but I still don
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    Have you contacted FTDNA about this matter?


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      I've been waiting 13 months so far for the BigY for my father. When I last contacted them they said between 7 and 19 weeks from that point in time. That would mean results between October 8th and January 1st, however, if it again doesn't meet the quality standards the process begins again and they can't tell me how long it takes. So that technically means they could postpone the results for decades if each time the quality standards aren't met.


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        Do you know if your father has more than the original two swabs at FTDNA? It might be a good idea to contact Customer Support, give them your father's kit number, and request at least two more swabs and vials (for him to use and send back to keep in storage), in case his existing sample is insufficient.


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          I contacted FTDNA customer service about this in May, June, and August. Though given three perfect opportunities to resolve the matter, it was not until I filed a BBB complaint that FTDNA accepted responsibility, identified the faults on their end, and promised to take specific corrective actions.


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            In one of the projects I am in, one participant had their BigY start lab processing in July 2016 and it didn't complete until April 2018. That same project has at least 3 other people in the 1 year range at present and even a few more at the 6 months point. However, the guy who took 21 months to get results back is in a pretty extremely rare population group(at least, in terms of people tested--in other words, population groups commonly seen and well established in North America or Western Europe), and from memory the story also is the same for at least one of the people who are still waiting after a year. Even the ones who are beyond the 6 month point belong to population groups that are not well represented in North America.

            Edit: That isn't intended as a jab at FTDNA, it is just the nature of the Commercial DNA testing market in general. The overwhelming majority of the interest lies in North America so ancestral North American(United States and Canada specifically) populations are the best represented. Which means a very heavy bias in favor of "Western Europe" excluding Portugal and Spain. If your tests point outside of those regions, or belong to exceptionally small (haplotype) minority groups for those countries.... Unless an (academic) population study stumbled upon your specific ancestral line(s) expect it to take more than a month or two(or 3).
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