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  • Chromosome Browser boo!

    I went through a process of uploading my dad's autosomal results to FamilyTree. Then I went to my own account and used the chromosome browser with my dad. According to the browser, every single area of every chromosome browser lit up. I freaked out, thinking I must have uploaded my own data. Spent today convincing my dad and familytree to dump the account and test. I re-downloaded his raw data and tried uploading into a new account. Turns out the first upload was his data!

    So the question, why in the heck is every part of every chromosome lit up? I'm pretty sure I have mom information in there too, so what's the deal?!?

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    You have 2 of each chromosome, one from each parent. You match your father along the whole length of each chromosome. If your mother tested too, you would match her on each chromosome. If you put both parents on your chromosome browser, you would see two colors matching each chromosome from end to end.

    I have attached an image of my own chromosome browser with both parents on it.
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      As mentioned we have two of each chromosomes, 23 pairs, 46 single chromosomes.
      Each single chromosome is a random mixture of each parents pair.
      Nature of testing can not identify which of each pair is ones maternal vs paternal thus chromosome browsers merge the two into one.
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        D'oh. Duh. Thanks guys!