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JJJ Group Becoming Next To Useless

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  • JJJ Group Becoming Next To Useless

    As an administrator and an active Y-DNA researcher since 2005, I feel that FTDNA has dumbed down the JJJ Group with its STR chart to the point of almost being worthless - at best a real PITA!!! Here is the link to the group that I am referring to:

    1) There is no way to contact the administrator of this resource. Even calling FTDNA, telling them of this issue and being promised a contact resulted in NOTHING accomplished. I was promised that someone would contact me. No one did.

    2) The markers such as I-M223, etc. have been removed. As some of the groups that I work with have some subjects outside of our parameters I have little or no way to tell whose Y-DNA data I need to run in our Phylogenetic Tree algorithm.

    3) There is no way to determine easily which data string is "new". You have no idea what a PITA it is to have to go through each Kit #, one by one, and cross reference them with my data sets to see if a new data set has been posted. Keep in mind that not all new data sets are posted. You send me "announcements" that I have a new match, but I don't get a Kit # which would help. How about getting on the ball?

    You have created a tremendous burden for my research project. Could you at least include the date that each Kit # was entered into the STR chart, or an asterisk each month for the new Kit #s? This would make my life so much easier - I am 74 years old, disabled and racked with pain on a good day. Do you have to make my research life so miserable? It used to be exciting and enjoyable. It is becoming a PITA, as is FTDNA which seems to be on the fast track to become useless to researchers, IMO. FTDNA appears to be in a downward death spiral...SHAPE UP, PLEASE!!!

    Yours in deep disappointment and disgust,

    Clifford Johnston

    Administrator: JOHNSTONS of ANNANDALE
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    Try using the Johnstone home page, they have 4 Admins listed.

    They appear to have 8 1-M223 groups in the yDNA Results section

    They also have a Clan Johnstone webpage.


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      Y-DNA Charts & Administrators


      Thank you for the latest links. I have sent off an email to one of the administrators explaining my problem. Now to wait and see if the issue can be corrected.

      Good hunting,