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  • Download Raw DNA spinning/spinning...

    I have attempted to download my raw Y-DNA but a pop up window continues to tell me to wait 24 hours. 48+ hours later I'm still getting the same message. Seems to be hung up somewhere. Thanks

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    Y-DNA does not have a raw data file to download.


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      We assume from the query that the issue is the VCF from a BigY? RAW is not yet available from that, and as the previous note answers, Y STR never had a raw file to download.


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        I Love It!

        A person post a question and others post answers, while making it clear they aren't sure what the original problem is.

        Why not ask which Y-DNA data he is attempting to download? Y-DNA STRs, Y-DNA matches, Big Y or something else.

        Maybe it is just me, but I like to understand the question before I answer it.
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          Obviously I have been found wanting in failing to express a request for clarification, but as so often happens, the original query person failed to smell what anybody was cooking.
          I would have inferred the need to clarify my original request from the two responses had I posted it.