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Why is it I care more about finding relatives than friends?

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  • Why is it I care more about finding relatives than friends?

    I don't know what's gotten into me. Maybe I should just be grateful for the relatives I do have. I know people who have no family. But for reason I just have this obsession with wanting to know everyone who is related to me. And I want to make friends with anyone that's related to me. Of course that's not going to happen because people are people. But I don't know why I want to make friends primarily with relatives.

    On one hand I keep saying lets not focus on race, but on the other I just wanna build a circle of people who are related to me. Am I nuts?

    Over the last few months I did become close buddies with a 2nd cousin and his family though, so maybe that's what's been motivating me to try to dig deeper and find more.

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    Personally,it is exciting,but in reality not that common.Its a flip of the coin.
    I have no contact with first.much less fourthncousins.All we would share is DNA.Its the ones you bonded with as children that are more exciting.I have been greatly disappointed in the lack of responses.I just saw a list on several sites of people I sent messages to.If they cannot tie you in with someone in their family they knew of,it doesn’t work.The rare exceptions
    do happen.Its a famtasy.They are just not into you.All the tv programs about finding lost people incite our emotions.For adoptees it’s wonderful.
    I have a relationship with one aunt and her children.Thats it.The rest are all estranged.If the hunt excites you,all the best.I have up the fantasy.