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    Why can't I marry first cousins? When I try, there's no "Is this person already in your tree?"; I end up with a duplicate parent or child (and then the child is only attached to one parent).

    Also, I just tried to view a family tree of a match. This one fellow apparently had 3-4 wives and some 20 children.

    It took 13 full screen swipes (at the smallest screen setting before round icons turn to unreadable squares - on a MacBookPro) to go from one side of that so-called "Family View" to the other. My hands are killing me from looking at trees.

    At no point in time is it possible to see the person, their details, spouses, and children in the same frame - the actual "family". That should be fixed.

    Pretty please.

    Last edited by toast; 9 March 2018, 06:55 PM.