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    Hello, I was just wondering what is the best procedure for buying a y67 kit for another person? I have been trying for over a week to get it done, but the process seems to be so slow. That's why I decided to come here. Any suggestions would be appreciated. The administrator offered two avenues, so I decided to donate to the surname fund and let the adm. handle it. Seems we are waiting for the other person to get clearance. It is not an easy decision to buy a kit for another person with the hope the results will help clear up a paternal mystery. I guess I am just being impatient, but spending time and money does that (might I add a lot of time and a sizable chuck of money and for something I don't fully understand). Is this a common experience?
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    I have bought kits for others, but always having contacted them directly and then just ordered & paid for it myself -BUT -
    always for folks who did not already have a Kit, or where I ordered and paid for the original test as well.

    If they have a Kit, then you definitely want any additional testing they do to be ordered as an upgrade from their current Kit, not as a new Kit!! - I take it that is the situation here - yes?


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      I found a distant cousin who shares the same great great grandfather as I do. I feel confident his yDNA results will shed some light on my paternal issue (my line lost the surname DNA somewhere). My cousin tested with 23 and Me and had his autosomal results transferred to FTDNA. So, he has an account, but has not done yDNA testing. Customer service says that would be considered an upgrade: does that sound correct?


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        If he already has a FTDNA account due to transfer, then yes you use the upgrade option.
        They will have to issue a new collection kit for DNA sample (they can not use autosomal Raw Data, need actual DNA sample)
        Make sure a mailing address is entered, whether it be yours or cousins (where ftdna is mailing collection kit)


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          I have purchased kits, but for people who didn't already have an account here. I bought the kit and had it mailed to the person or myself, depending on circumstances.

          A cousin's Y-DNA test revealed an NPE almost 8 years ago. Once I figured out where the NPE probably occurred I tracked down a descendant of the probable father's brother through rootsweb and persuaded him to do a Family Finder test. He was predicted to be a 3rd cousin of my mother.

          All these years later, the only other descendants of the 2 brothers here at FTDNA is a person I purchased a test for, plus one I persuaded to upload from Ancestry.

          But the situation at 23andMe and at Ancestry is far different. So many descendants of the one brother have tested at those companies that today I would be able to find the father without asking people to test. Sometimes I have to construct trees for matches myself and sometimes I know matches are probably descended from my ancestor, but they don't have enough info for me to start a tree. Also, I'm more certain which brother was the father. Circumstances strongly favored one brother. Now I have many matches descended from one brother and only two, that I know of, who are descended from the other brother(and those 2 are half-brothers themselves).

          I think it's a good idea to test at all 3 companies if you can afford it, though I do get very angry at Ancestry for not providing a chromosome browser and for taking away one of the few tools they gave us - the ability to search for a surname in the trees of all DNA matches who bother (and that's a tiny percentage) to attach a tree to their results.


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            Thank you all very much. We seem to have the ball rolling in the right direction. There is a small discount for ordering through the surname project, so I plan to go that route, that is, donate the funds to the project and let the admin order the kit for the other person.

            I feel confident this other person still carries the surname DNA and it is my branch that was effected by a NPE. At least, I hope it turns out this way; this would be less complicated. The term "brick wall" applies to many circumstances, but with a NPE, it should be called by a new name: maybe twilight zone, quick sand, briar patch, corn maze, fork in the road, or something. It just turns a large chunk of your research in a different direction. (Maybe tree twister).


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              I know how you feel. I spent 10 years researching the wrong line. I had probate records. There was nothing to indicate that my great-grandfather had a different father than his siblings. Wouldn't my great-great-grandmother be surprised at what a little swabbing of a great-great-grandson's cheek would reveal about her behavior nearly 140 years after the fact!!!


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                Originally posted by Science Nerd View Post
                There is a small discount for ordering through the surname project, so I plan to go that route, that is, donate the funds to the project and let the admin order the kit for the other person.
                You could also wait for the next sale. Which will likely be in the days leading up to DNA Day (April 25). That way you get a better discount.