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    (1) Scenario A:
    .....(a)I downloaded Ben's AncestryDNA zipped raw data file on 01/09/2018 at about 2:30 AM.
    .....(b) About 15 minutes later, I upload the unzipped version of the same file into FTDNA's database under the free autosomal transfer policy.
    .....(c) FTDNA accepted the uploaded file very shortly thereafter and is now processing the data.
    .....(D) I pat myself on the back.

    (2) Scenario B:
    .....(a)I downloaded Bill's AncestryDNA zipped raw data file on 01/6/2016 at about 6:15 PM.
    .....(b) Feeling cocky because of my recent success in uploading Ben's unzipped raw data file, I attempted to upload Bill's unzipped raw data file.
    .....(c) But first, I checked Bill's unzipped raw data file and found that the preamble in Bill's file was not precisely the same as the preamble in Ben's file. There was, of course, a difference dates and times of the results, but more importantly: Ben's preamble was neatly typed with short portions of each sentence followed by a carriage return; whereas Bill's preamble was essentially, one long, run-on sentence.
    .....(d) Knowing well that FTDNA's computer doesn't have a brain and that somebody has programmed it to reject any text raw data file that contains a preamble which does not meet FTDNA's ridiculously exacting standards, I replaced Bill's preamble with Ben's preamble AND changed the date and time in Bill's new preamble to reflect the date and time in Bill's old preamble.
    .....(e) Then, I proceeded to perform the required "find file" and "upload" actions.
    .....(f) Result: Upload attempt failed.
    .....(g) Tried it again, starting from the beginning with a freshly extracted "Bill's file", replacing Bill's preamble with Ben's preamble, and this time leaving the date and time unchanged.
    .....(h) Result: 2nd Upload attempt failed.

    $20.00 to the person who can tell me what I need to do in order to successfully upload Bill's unzipped AncestryDNA raw data file.

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    Start again with Bill's raw file.

    Use this website to create a file that will be accepted by FTDNA.