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You killed Big-Y with your so-called upgrades

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  • You killed Big-Y with your so-called upgrades

    And you (FTDNA) won't respond to phone or email inquiries for the last two months. I was patient for a long time but no more. I am now in "relentless mode".

    I manage two kits that you managed to kill:
    1) 480299. THis kit used to show as haplogroup R-A8039. It was positive for A8039 and S1194 and a number of other SNP's that now do not even show up on the list. The list is maybe 60% as long as it used to be. Now it is assigned haplogroup R-L11, which is pretty non-definitive. And no matches show up AT ALL. No matches even show up at R-M269. That is BS. Oh yeah-- and I now have a blue button on my dashboard page asking me to upgrade to a P312 etc kit. I HAD BIG Y DONE. I DON'T NEED AN UPGRADE. YOUR SYSTEM THINKS I NEED ONE BECAUSE YOU EVIDENTLY DELETED 40% OF THE DATA. Or did you think I wouldn't notice and would ignorantly shell out another $119?

    2) Kit 480245
    Well, I don't think you deleted any data out of this one, but what happens when I check BIG Y matches is that I get the dreaded spinning wheel followed by the following warning: DataTables warning: table id=matches-table - Ajax error. For more information about this error, please see From other forums I have learned that other people have the same problem, have also submitted bug reports and get.... crickets. This has been going on for at least three months.

    I am disgusted with FTDNA. At least have the courage to respond to queries about these problems!

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    FTDNA didn't delete the data found in the Big Y test. When the new coordinate system was put in place, the results were reprocessed. As a result, many markers have changed position in the new map. There were other changes. For example, in a few kits I follow, there was a deletion that has been recorded in a different position then it should be if you simply change the position of the hg19 coordinate to the hg38. Meaning that the way they read certain deletions is a little treated differently.

    This deletion now takes place where a previous SNP was found. That SNP is no longer being found because of this. In contrast a new SNP in a nearby area is being found that wasn't before. This is obviously due to the shift in position of the deletion.

    For some, the haplogroup designation was reverted but only temporarily. FTDNA still needs to sort through some SNPs as if your Big Y is new. So some of it is handled by their computer while other portions still need to be manual. As for the ad for the P312 SNP pack, that is normal. I would see that for some kits with Big Y even before this upgrade. You can ignore it. In some cases, people opt to take a SNP pack to confirm what the Big Y did not pick up with high confidence.

    The reason for no matches even at R-M269, is because those numbers are not going to show you everyone from those haplogroups. Only those that have less than 30 different variants from you. So that means all those R-M269 people who don't show up is because they differ in more than 30 variants (SNPs) from you. Your own unnamed variants that are not shared with anyone count towards that limit as well as those of any potential matches.

    About your issue with the second kit, have you contacted FTDNA (phone or email form)? They don't read these forums other than one customer support rep once in a while.


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      Big-Y DataTables error since November

      I opened a support req over the telephone in November regarding the Big-Y DataTables error. I never even received a ticket number.

      I opened a ticket through email on Dec 11, 2017 and received the following a week later on Dec 18:
      "Re: Update on Your Request {729726}. I apologize for the delay in responding. We've been a bit short-handed as well as had a high volume of emails. This error was reported to IT and has a ticket being worked on it now. They will get it fixed as quickly as possible."

      I sent a request for an update on 1/16/18 and I have still heard nothing about an update or solution.