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First ever order; should I be concerned?

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  • First ever order; should I be concerned?

    I could use some guidance as to whether or not I have an administration problem that needs to be addressed.
    As per below, I created an FTDNA account Nov 8, ordered several tests (only one of which listed below) on Nov 24 and received the order confirmation; nearly three weeks later, is the order status below normal?(if anything was actually sent Nov 9, nothing has been received and nothing is showing as sent in response to the Nov 24 orders)[P.S. delivery destination Canada]. Thanks very much!
    Your Orders
    Order Status Date Batch
    Ordered 11/08/2017
    Sent 11/09/2017
    Received by Lab Pending

    mtFull Sequence
    Ordered 11/24/2017 0

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    Not 100% clear, are you waiting to received the packaged or already send it back?


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      Thanks for your response and sorry not clear; have neither received nor returned anything - the issue is that I have ordered, have received nothing (am not so concerned) and based on my order history, it appears (to me) that nothing been sent either ( am concerned!). So - am I misinterpreting and no problem exists? or...a problem exists due to my error? or...a problem exists due to FTDNA system error?


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        What exactly did you order on November 8th? Did you order a blank kit or was that a transfer or what as you are showing nothing next to orders. Now you did order a mtDNA on November 24th so you should be receiving a kit and maybe there is a mail delay to you in Canada but you should be receiving. I guess it is hard to say when they actually would have mailed it out as you are not clear on what you actually did on November 8th. You should probably contact customer service.


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          Contact customer service. We ordered a kit on 11/24, it was shipped from Houston on 11/27 and received here on 12/2.

          You can find the date the kit was shipped by logging in, then clicking on "order history" (They did send you an account code and a password, right?)

          On the other hand, we are expecting a replacement kit that supposedly was shipped 11/29 and has not yet been received. (We've contacted them - no reply yet) This one doesn't show in the account order history, because it is a replacement we suppose.


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            Your mtDNA kit, if ordered for the same person as the kit sent on 11/09/2017 , will be tested on that kits sample once it is returned.
            You will not be issued a new kit for each test unless kit is for a new person.
            Original sample submitted is usually enough DNA to run all tests
            They store unused sample for up to 25 Years, any upgrades use original DNA sample.

            I would still contact FTDNA and inquire since Your original kit is listed as being sent over a month ago.
            Make sure your kits mailing address is correct.
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              Normal or abnormal?

              Thank you to all those who responded to my request for guidance as to whether my FTDNA order experience is normal.
              In answer to your questions, on Nov 8 I neither ordered nor transferred anything - my intent was simply to create an FTDNA account in anticipation of making a Black Friday order (so I have no idea as to what was supposedly shipped to me Nov 9 - in the absence of any prior experience, I assumed that this was just the quirky way that FTDNA processed a registration)
              Based on your feedback, pretty clear that my experience with a very simple order has not in fact been normal (something is awry), so I will take your advice and get in touch with customer service.
              Thank you.