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  • Changing email

    Not sure where I should post this and I thought there was a ticket system but I couldn't find it. Anyway, I tried changing my email address and when I checked my profile the email address being shown is my old one. My current email is the gmail address and I want to change my old .nu****.net email to that.


    Jeremiah O'Neal

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    Give it time

    I did the same for an account, and noticed it did not change on the dashboard. But after a waiting period it wad updated. Probably take some time for the database to replicate. If you have already waited (some hour), then I don't know what's wrong.


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      When changing your email or anything in your profile, make sure to click on the Save button or it won't count. As stated, it may take an hour or so for the changes you make to take hold.

      As for the ticket system, at the top click on Customer Support. Then in the Support section you can click on "Open a request" to fill out a form for that ticket system. They reply back to the email you provide.