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Geni as Partner and updating

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  • Geni as Partner and updating

    I have Geni as Partner Applications. I have sent to Geni my y-dna data. Now FTDNA has changed my y-dna haplogroup. And in Geni there is previous old haplogroup.

    My friend said that first disconnect connection and then reconnect. So did I. But.. when I reconnected, there was windows, which denied apply or cancel. But the apply was grey and I was not able to push it. The old haplogroup is on Geni yet even the connection has been disconnect.

    I ask FTDNA to add an update button to data, so you can update new haplogroup to Geni without disconnecting partnership.

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    Go to and log in. Then click your name which will take you to your profile from your family tree there. Then click on the DNA tab and under your results, you'll see the option to remove your tests from Geni.