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  • Returned Kit Confirmation

    How long does it normally take for confirmation that your kit was received at Family Tree? I sent my kit back a week ago. I live fairly close to Houston where mail usually is delivered there in a couple days. I know when I ordered I had my kit in 2 days. I would just like to know it was back to them and not lost in the mail. I do realize it will sit there for a while in the queue waiting to run the test. It just says "Pending" for returned to the lab. Do you not receive a confirmation it was returned until they actually test your kit?

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    Some times mail gets stuck in the Houston sorting facility as others have reported in the past. When you send a kit back to FTDNA, it gets dropped into a mail bag at the post office. This bag tends to get delivered once a week or at least it has been like that in the past. Check back Monday perhaps. I don't remember if they send out a notification, however you can log into your kit. Click on the order history and see if the line "Received by Lab" has "Pending" or a date. The date would be when it was logged into FTDNA lab.


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      My mother's kit took more than two weeks (from the time I mailed it) before it was "received by the lab". It's annoying, but you just have to be patient.


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        One kit I sent back took 3 weeks and it was shipped from within Texas. It was simply stuck in the Houston sorting facility for about 2 weeks. Outside of FTDNA's control or mine.


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          My kit was delivered on Monday, yet the company still has not checked it in. I wonder where it is now. Today is Friday...


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            My husband and I tested last year and our kits got stuck in the north Houston sorting facility for a week. Then, it was delivered the day that FTDNA collects their mail, but too late in the day. So then we had to wait another week for them to pick it up and then almost another for it to be batched.

            The following week, they started batching twice a week due to order volume. Lol Go figure. The waiting was torture for me.