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  • Y-dna N-BY22080

    I found a new haplogroup in FTDNA Y-dna SNPs and haplogroups page. That is N-BY22080 which is subgroup to N-Y34063 ( <- N-Z5038). That was beginning August 2017. That is not available to snp-tests in page. Maybe it's so new, that no tests are yet available.

    I wonder spesifications of N-BY22080. Which SNPs etc. defines N-BY22080. All other information about that haplogroup is welcome!

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    I suggest contacting the haplogroup project admin that your kit belongs on. They will yield better answers and random people on these forums that may or may not know about your haplogroup. New SNPs are not available for testing until a project admin requests that they are made testable. FTDNA won't make them testable unless there is a large enough pool of potential test takers that would test for it. This does not happen for new SNPs so early on.


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      Thank you answering!