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  • Merging my profile

    Searched all over and cannot find answer, so guess will post here.

    I already had Y-DNA test done, then I wanted to upload my Ancestry DNA. I did but it made a new profile for me and I would like to have my Y and Ancestry DNA in the same one.
    I was signed on when I uploaded Ancestry, so why the new profile? And how can I merge the two?

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    A possible answer to the why -- they seem to have made it possible to place gift orders from a Kit (ie you can order Tests not for that Kit) -- so it is definitely important to remember to log in and order as an upgrade when you want it to be for the same kit!

    Give them a chance to get back from the flood and a little caught up - then call and beg (with both Kit Numbers), and maybe they will be able to fix it.


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      You need to contact FTDNA to take care of that. On the top of this page click on Customer Support. In the Support section you have two options. One is the "Open a request" link. Click it to fill out a short form. They will reply back through email. The second option is by phone, move the mouse over "Contact Us" to see the phone number and business hours.

      As loobster stated, they are still dealing with the aftermath of Harvey so there could be delays. I suggest filling out a form and just be patient. Mention both kit numbers.