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    Now that Doug Holmes has been ousted by FTDNA management, is there any benefit in staying in this project? Doug Holmes was co-admin and he helped me grow the R-DF79 branch, by encouraging me in contacting my best Y-DNA matches to test and I gladly contributed towards the cost of some of those tests. Seems FTDNA has a different agenda or reason, which as member of this project I would like to know and be aware of. Otherwise the reason for removing Doug as co-admin, seems one-sided. Can FTDNA please share the reason why Doug is no longer co-admin of R1b Iberian?

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    I doubt you"ll get an answer on this forum but it was a stupid decision on FTDNA's part.


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      FTDNA staff does not look at these forums except for a few exceptions. Darren is an FTDNA customer support rep and frequents these forums. You could try private messaging him here.

      You could contact FTDNA directly. Go to the Customer Support link at the top of this page. In the Support section of that page click on "Open a request" to fill out a form. That is their email option. You can also call them at the number shown when you move your mouse over "Contact Us".

      At any rate, you will probably not get an answer within the next few days due to Houston being flooded right now.